Everything you need to start collecting visual feedback and bug reports

In-page feedback

No need to navigate to your issue tracker in a new tab.

Unlimited guests, No signup required for them

People who wish to leave feedback don’t have to signup for anything.

Sharable Link

Hear from those you care the most, it's as easy as sharing a google doc.

Screenshots and annotations

A picture is worth a thousand words. Reporters can include as many screenshots as she wants.


Save developers time by automatically including enriched browser data (device, OS, DOM selector, browser size...etc) in each report.

Console error log (coming soon)

Automatically record javascript erros happened on the client side.

Third party integration

Manage feedback and bug reports in your favorite issue tracker. We currently support Trello, Asana and Github, with more to come in the feature.

Feedback privacy

Hide other feedback from your website visitors.

Widget customization

Make your visitors feel at home with your brand color and prompt.

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