Use Cereo with Trello for client feedback and bug tracking

March 23, 2020

Trello is great because of its simplicity. It is a one-feature platform that has been adapted for many uses. Besides using Trello for project management, I personally used it to organize recipes, bookmarks and vacation destinations. I’m obviously a huge fan of Trello so when it comes to adding third-party integration to Cereo, Trello was the first on my todos.

In this post, I want to share with you how Trello + Cereo can be a powerful combination for bug tracking.

Cereo + Trello

Setting up a Trello board for bug tracking

Bug tracking workflow can be broken down into:

  • Identify an issue
  • Prioritize the issue
  • Assign and work on the issue
  • Validate and close the issue

With the features of labels and members, Trello is more than enough to handle this use case. You can create a Trello board with a list structure like this:

  1. Reported by team
  2. Reported by clients (optional)
  3. In progress
  4. Done

Trello board

You can also make use of the labels. For bug tracking, you can set to categorize severity of the issue:

  • low
  • minor
  • major
  • critical

Trello labels

With the board set up, you can start involving your team and clients in your bug tracking process. Here’s what a tester would do to log an issue for a web application:

  1. identify the issue
  2. gather data, including browser size, selectors, os and device info…etc
  3. take a screenshot, open an image editor, annotate where the issue occurs
  4. create a Trello card with all the information

This is what a tester would do. She makes sure to include enough context to help out her fellow developer. Non-technical team members and clients may skip step 2 and 3. As for customers, asking them to open Trello in a new tab to report is interrupting their user experience. Chances are they won’t do it.

And this is where Cereo comes in.

Creating bug reports with Cereo

Cereo is a visual feedback and bug tracking tool that

  • help developers out by providing enough context to each report
  • give customers a better channel to report issues

Cereo sits on top of your website, letting team members and customers report feedback, bugs, and ideas directly on the page. Simply by point and click, users can mark up places that need improvement. Cereo will automatically attach annotated screenshots and browser data to each report.

Connect Cereo with Trello

Cereo can export all incoming feedback to Trello. By integrating Trello and Cereo, you can include all team members and customers in your bug-solving workflow.

Now that you have a Trello board setup, you can add a Cereo project.

Add a Cereo project

To integrate the project with Trello, go to the integration tab. Click on add a new destination, and select Trello as the platform.

Choose Trello

You can decide which board and list to add feedback.

Choose a board and a list

After you install Cereo code snippet to your site, you can start collecting feedback directly on the website, and everything will be centralized in your Trello board!

Cereo widget

Tammy Chu

Written by Tammy Chu
who lives and works in Taipei building useful things.